Outbound call in a queue

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Outbound call in a queue

Posted:Sun 29 of Nov, 2009 (17:05 UTC)
Hi all,
I plan to implement an outbound calling function to my asterisk server. There should be a list of telephone numbers. These numbers should be called one after another. If the call was sucessful, the number is removed from the list.
Unfortunately I really have no plan how to realize it.
Should I use callfiles? Or should I place the numbers in the database of asterisk and controll the list via the dialplan?
I prefer an own solution. I know that there are addons for asterisk. But I think its more complicated to integrate an external solution than to create an own solution.

I know, this posting is rather unspecific. But perhaps one of you has any suggestions for me. Thanks in advance for any hints.

Frank Becker