Asterisk issues, due to Linksys 9002/3102?

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Asterisk issues, due to Linksys 9002/3102?

Posted:Fri 08 of Jan, 2010 (08:59 UTC)

Happy user of asterisk for some months now. Only some small issues remain, and I'm guessing it might be related to our ATA: Linksys SPA 9002, which supposedly is the same as the Linsys SPA 3102.

Our setup:
1 VoIP telephonenumber
. > asterisk (debian stable) > 3x Snom 320
1 analog telephonenumber > ATA

The issues:
sometimes after a call is finished, immediately after the phone rings twice and stops. The display of my Snom 320 tells me it is an 'ATA'-call - but it does the same for hidden/secret telephone numbers. This is a minor annoyance and doesn't even show up in our CDR.

missed calls always end in a voicemail message, even when the caller has ended the call before the answering machine started recording. The voicemail message is just a beeping sound. This is a slightly larger annoyance because it takes a while to listen to 40 voicemail messages where only 3 contain a real message Smile

I'm guessing the above 2 are a result of the ATA not properly indicating the end of a call to the asterisk server?

in the asterisk cdr (postgresql) a missed call is apparently randomly categorised as 'voicemail' or 'hangup'. I have seen calls ending in a (real) voicemail that were categorised as a 'hangup' and also the other way around. The cdr is highly inaccurate. This is also just a minor annoyance, but nonetheless: if asterisk (is / should be) able to distinguish between these two, I would like to get it right.

(while this is a serious issue, I'm not sure who is to blame here and it seems really hard to debug). When we have a new incoming call while someone else is handling an existing call (f.e. on phone1), sometimes the first call is terminated just by answering the new incoming call with f.e. phone2. This might be related to the ATA, but it could also be caused by the settings which regulate our external lines (1 analog and 1 online). This rarely happens and in that case phone1 receives a double beep to indicate that his call will be terminated if someone else picks up another phone.

Maybe someone on these forums has seen these problems before and can point me in a direction for one (or more) of these problems...

So, all in all I'm very pleased with asterisk and starting to come to a point to advocate the use of it to all of my friends and colleagues... THX!