Asterisk Integration with Avaya

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Re: Asterisk Integration with Avaya

Posted:Fri 29 of Jan, 2010 (02:51 UTC)
Sure you can do it, I did it recently. I'm still playing with it because I could not do it the best way possible.
This is a good start :

I also remember a very helpful threat that I found in about the Avaya side configuration.

Also be aware that the Asterisk IVR side is not too "friendly", it's extremely powerful but if you don't have the right tools it could take a long time to do a simpler IVR.
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Asterisk Integration with Avaya

Posted:Tue 12 of Jan, 2010 (10:49 UTC)
Hi, I am trying to integrate Asterisk with an E1 line from Avaya PBX on the line side. I intend to use Asterisk as an IVR behind Avaya. Can anyone let me know if a line side integration with Asterisk and Avaya is possible?