How to send call status to database?

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Re: How to send call status to database?

Posted:Tue 02 of Mar, 2010 (06:40 UTC)

I understand that you are trying to get the detailed information about the calls, that is when the call came in, when it was answered and when it was disconnected and what is the caller id.

Simply to say call details records CDR in a external database.

If my understanding are correct then google for asterisk Cdr mysql storage.
Asterisk support many database storages for CDR like mysql, postgress, sqlite, MSSQL.
I would suggest you to go for Mysql database storage which I feel that simple to configure.
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How to send call status to database?

Posted:Wed 20 of Jan, 2010 (10:36 UTC)

I am new to Asterisk, so please give me right direction to implement the following task.

We have multiline phone number and callers are waiting for free operator then talk to him. I want to send information about each call to external database or application. I want to notify it when call came, answered, ended. I want to send caller ID, duration and other parameters.

How to do that?

As for now I see the following ways:

1) write dialplan which will execute apropriate database queries in apropriate points of procession
2) write AGI program, which will be called from dialplan script in apropriate points
3) write own custom Asterisk application (don't know if it is possible)

Is there something correct in above?