CISCO AS5850 Gateways & Parts for Sale

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CISCO AS5850 Gateways & Parts for Sale

Posted:Tue 26 of Jan, 2010 (06:53 UTC)
NEST Technologies, Inc. has the following equipment in stock and ready for shipment:


Cisco AS5850 Gateways (REFURBISHED)

Each bundle listed below includes:
AS5850 Chassis with DUAL DC Power (AC Power option is quoted upon request)
(*) Includes One AS58-ERSC-2GE (Enhanced Route Switch Controller Card + GE)
(**) Includes Two AS58-ERSC-2GE (Enhanced Route Switch Controller Card + GE)

AS5850-24T1-576-DC (*) $25,000
AS5850-48T1-1152-DC (*) $44,000
AS5850-72T1-1728-DC (**) $66,000
AS5850-96T1-2304-DC (**) $85,000

AS5850-24E1-720-DC (*) $27,000
AS5850-48E1-1440-DC (*) $46,000
AS5850-72E1-2160-DC (**) $69,000
AS5850-86E1-2580-DC (**) $85,000

AS5850-1DS3-672-DC (*) $14,000
AS5850-2DS3-1344-DC (*) $20,000
AS5850-3DS3-2016-DC (**) $32,000
AS5850-4DS3-2688-DC (**) $38,000

AS5850-1STM1-1890-DC Quoted Upon Request

Cisco AS5850 Components

AS5850 Chassis with DUAL DC Power $2,000
AS58-PWR-3AC/2400 (AC Power Option) $3,500
AS58-RSC-2GE $900
AS58-ERSC-2GE $4,500
AS58-1CT3/216U $3,500
AS58-324UPC-CC $2,500
AS58-24CE1 $11,900
AS58-24CT1 $11,900

All equipment is fully tested and guaranteed.
90-day warranty is included for all items listed above.
We offer 50% discount from FEDEX International Freight rates.

Equipment Condition Definitions:
NEW – OPEN BOX means that the equipment is new and has not been previously used. These products are supplied in Cisco factory packaging with standard documentation and accessories. In some cases, we offer NEW chassis populated with REFURBISHED modules. Some modules may include our improved mechanical fasteners for enhanced performance and durability.

REFURBISHED - means that the equipment had been in prior use. It had subsequently undergone our in-house refurbishment, upgrade, testing, and re-certification process.

SMARTNET eligibility – equipment is genuine Cisco with valid serial numbers. Quotes for Cisco SmartNet contracts can be requested for all equipment that we sell including NEW – OPEN BOX and REFURBISHED.

We also buy AS5300, AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400, AS5400HPX, AS5400XM, and AS5850 equipment. If you have something to sell, please send us your list of items.

Please contact Michael.

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