Monitor Events do not appear in CSV

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Re: Monitor Events do not appear in CSV

Posted:Tue 02 of Mar, 2010 (06:31 UTC)

Are you trying to get the call detail Records CDR in Master.CSV file or the voice call recording by using Mix Monitor string in the dialplan.

by default in Asterisk the Cdr will be enabled and every calls will get captured in Master.csv file located in
And if you have configured the dialplan with MixMonitor() application then the call recording which got monitor will be saved in the path /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/
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Monitor Events do not appear in CSV

Posted:Tue 26 of Jan, 2010 (13:30 UTC)
I am using cdr_custom and do not seem to receive Monitor events in the Master.csv file. I am receiving Dial, ResetCDR, NoCDR, Playback, Hangup, VoiceMail, Background etc etc events but no Monitor. I have checked and double checked and triple checked all the configurations and everything seems fine. I have the same setup at a different client where it works fine. I am using asterisk- I can see that the Monitor application is called if i interrogate the full log. Can anybody please help me before I pull my hair out.