Using FXO Gateway Directly - Possible?

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Using FXO Gateway Directly - Possible?

Posted:Wed 03 of Feb, 2010 (16:39 UTC)
Hi All,

This is a strange request, I think - trying to scale down my hardware at home, I've removed my VoIP server (TrixBox). I'm now thinking this may have been a mistake, as I seem to be having difficulty in connecting my FXO to my VoIP hardware. This may even be impossible, I'm not sure.

VoIP Handsets are SNOM M3 with external SIP trunks. FXO is a LinkSys SPA3000.

Ideal scenario - FXO Gateway acts as 'provider' trunk, and SNOM registers to it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

(both SNOM and FXO are on the same network / subnet... actually, they're physically next to each other!)

Thanks for any help, and bearing with my first post!!