VOIPSWITCH with all modules 100% licensed[rent/lease/sale].

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VOIPSWITCH with all modules 100% licensed[rent/lease/sale].

Posted:Thu 04 of Feb, 2010 (07:30 UTC)
Hello Friends,

We are Opening new Doors for new users of Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) who wants to enter in voip world by very cheap and simple way.

As a leading solution provider in voip service, we are dealing with softswitch, for rent, sale and lease with very competitive rate and free support. we are renting with dedicated server co-lo in USA.It has different features and specialities.This is VOIPSWITCH with all modules and 100% licensed colocated in our location.

It contains main system with
- Softswitch with management interface
- Billing
- Portal (endusers interface)
- Web admin interface (VSC)
- SIP softphone
- VOIPTunnel

And these modules

- Callback module - SMS, ANI, PIN, DID, WEB
- IP IVR (Calling cards) module
- Resellers module
- Callshop module
- OnlineShop module
- Softphone custom-made design
- Vippie Soft Phone with IM & SMS

If you are interested please come online for further discussion and demo.


Thanks & Regards,