Sangoma USBFXO installation error.

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Sangoma USBFXO installation error.

Posted:Sun 07 of Feb, 2010 (11:53 UTC)
i had installed asterisk in Centos 5.3 and i am using Sangoma USB FXO (U100). i am installing drievrs for Sangoma USB FXO by this link according to this link i had downloaded Wanpipe-
now when i am installing wanpipe i am getting this error.

Looking for zaptel/dahdi directory in /usr/src ...

No zaptel/dahdi dirs found in /usr/src
Please use option "m" to enter zaptel/dahdi path
m : Enter zaptel path manually
(ctrl-c to Exit)
Please select working zaptel directory [1-0][m]:

i had installed asterisk by yum

yum install asterisk16 asterisk16-configs asterisk16-voicemail dahdi-linux dahdi-tools libpri

any help,guidance will be higly appreciated.