Wiki cleanup / spam removal

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Re: Wiki cleanup / spam removal

Posted:Thu 18 of Feb, 2010 (17:18 UTC)
Cleanup / spam removal is entirely on your own responsibility. The admin will not support your efforts in removing sanitized spam pages or even users for that matter. There have been quite some heated discussions users not agreeing on removed postings, even to threatening calls and emails.

For this reason I personally limit myself to the occasional removal of the usual spammers like Adoreinfotech, Resume sites, Portsip, etc.
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Wiki cleanup / spam removal

Posted:Wed 17 of Feb, 2010 (01:59 UTC)
Is there a thread / forum / discussion area for people who are doing housekeeping on the site? I've removed a fair amount of "resume/essay writing" spam and some inappropriate marketing. I'd like to make sure my efforts are coordinated (and consistent) with others - especially so I'm not making duplicative requests to the admin for page deletions or dealing with spam accounts.