Help with G.107 Implementation

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Help with G.107 Implementation

Posted:Wed 17 of Feb, 2010 (03:57 UTC)
Hi Everybody!
I'm Juan Grosso, from Cordoba, Argentina. I'm a Telecommunications engineer and I'm developing an implementation of ITU-T G.107 (e-model) in REALBasic.
The application is intended to parse Wireshark's CSV RTP data and calculate R factor and obviously, estimate the MOS value.
I'm following the algorithm published in August 2008 (http://www.itu.int/rec/T-REC-G.107/recommendation.asp?lang=en&parent=T-REC-G.107-200808-T) and I want to know if anyone has the latest pre-publication of April 2009 and whether if he/she wants to share it with me in order to follow the latest improvements of the model's algorithm. Unfortunately I'm not able to afford buying a copy of this pre-publication.

BTW: I'm looking for testers who want to give feedback about the app. My intention is to share the code once it becomes mature enough but by now I will not share the code.
Thanks again!

Greetings from ARG!