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Posted:Fri 12 of Mar, 2010 (12:14 UTC)

The below features support when you do a SIP audio conferencing.
  • SIP for signaling and RTP for media;
  • Can support multiple simultaneous conferences;
  • Audio mixing is done. Participants do not get their own audio;
  • Support video replication. All participant with video capabilities can receive and send video. Hetrogeneous conferences with some audio terminals and some video terminals is also possible.
  • Playout delay algorithm is implemented to create a synchronised audio stream;
  • multi-threaded;
  • Works with sipc and other SIP user agents; H.323 users can connect using the siph323 software.
  • Conferences can be setup and configured using a web based interface;
  • Currently supports G.711 A law, Mu Law, G.721, DVI ADPCM, GSM and G.722 (high quality 16kHz) audio codecs;
  • Can use both IPv4 and IPv6 for both session establishment (SIP) and media (RTP/RTCP). Allows heterogenity;
  • Support for file sharing among participants;
  • Restricted conference participation based of SIP digest authentication;
  • Conference recording of audio streams. Sipconf can now write .au or .wav files for conference audio.
  • Load balancing among multiple conference servers based on capacity of the conference server and maximum participant count of a conference.
  • Modular design (components can be reused selectively);

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sip audio

Posted:Wed 03 of Mar, 2010 (07:26 UTC)
hi friends ,,,
i am having doubt on sip audio conferencing ,,
while in this scenario which type of messaage header it can be support ,,,and which type of protocol it can b support