asterisk + google voice + Sipgate + dd wrt

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asterisk + google voice + Sipgate + dd wrt

Posted:Thu 04 of Mar, 2010 (01:45 UTC)
Hello all,
This is my first post and I did search a lot but I could not solve the problem I have.

I followed the instruction given by
and want to be able to dial phone # directly from my soft phone out using Google voice. However, I don't understand something in the above link very well on the FreePBX settings which is given at the bottom of this post. I Can not installed the FreePBX on my linux box successfully so I could not try it. I just curious if I don't use FreePBX, how could I make it work just using the Asterisk conf file? Where I can find the connection between FreePBX setting pages with the Asterisk conf files?

Thanks, everyone.

In FreePBX/trixbox

Add Custom Trunk, leave everything blank except
Custom Dial String: local/$OUTNUM$@gv-outbound

Outbound Route:

Add Route, leave everything blank/default except
Route Name: Google Voice
Dial Pattern: 48|NXXNXXXXXX
Trunk Sequence: local/$OUTNUM$@gv-outbound

Custom Destination:

Add Custom Destination
Custom Destination: gv-inbound,s,1
Description: GV-Inbound

Inbound Routes:

Add Incoming Route, leave everything blank/default except
Description: ipkall for GV
DID: ipkall <== this is whatever your set the SIP Phone Number to on the ipkall website.
Custom Destinations: GV-Inbound