cucm6 and Voipgat SIP trunk

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cucm6 and Voipgat SIP trunk

Posted:Thu 04 of Mar, 2010 (22:29 UTC)

I must tell you I'm new to this cucm thing. I played around with 3CX and Trixbox for a while but now I got my hands on a CUCM servers and some cisco phones. I have CUCM setup and the phones connected to the server. What I want todo now is setup the system in such a way that when I dial a 0 and then the phone number that the calls are routed to the SIP trunk. I have no clue how todo this in CUCM. Could anybody be so kind to tell me step by step what todo? I read the documentation but it still does not give the desired result. Thanks in advance for you patience.

Geert Verbist