Good quality VoIP phone from China

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Good quality VoIP phone from China

Posted:Fri 05 of Mar, 2010 (01:04 UTC)
We are the professional manufacturers of VOIP hardware in China (ZHENGZHOU YUNENG COMMUNICATION CO.LTD), and our products include: IP phone, USB phone, gateway<ATA>, conference box & IP camera. Here are some of our new series IP Phone:

YWH602 IP phone
2RJ45 Ethernet port. Support register 2 SIP account and 1 IAX2 account


YWH600 IP phone
1RJ45 and 2RJ45 Ethernet port. Support register 3-SIP account protocol. (Real FXO port optional)


YWH201 IP phone
1RJ45 and 2RJ45 Ethernet port. SIP, IAX2 protocol support (POE optional)


YWH202 IP phone
2RJ45 Ethernet port. SIP, IAX2, H323 protocol support (POE optional)


And also we manufacture VoIP cameras, which include: Auto-tracking high-speed dome camera, High-speed dome camera, Low-speed dome Caterair low-speed half dome Caterair water-proof IP camera, IP Camera Network video encoder, Network video decoder, Zoom Camera, Zoom Camera without house. More information please visit our company website:http://www.yntx.com. And if you have interest in any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be very glad to be at your service.
Web: http://www.yntx.com
TEL: 86-371-67657240
FAX: 86-371-67657239
E-mail: ync@vip.163.com
MSN: venicechen@live.cn
Contact person: Venice Chen