CallerID for Betamax-Account in Asterisk

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CallerID for Betamax-Account in Asterisk

Posted:Sat 06 of Mar, 2010 (14:51 UTC)
The PSTN-number intended to be used with the Betamax account has been veified. Doing outgoing calls with the client from the Betamax provider the PSTN-number is shown. This works.

When I do calls using the Asterisk instead of the Betamax-client no PSTN-number is shown. I tried different ways adding callerid=... in the sip.conf under "general" or "nonoh" or the extension, e.g. "30" but this didn't help.

Note: The Asterisk (1.4) is connected to a SPA3102. Could it be that some adapter settings overwrite the callerid-command? Or, is it that syntax of the callerid-command is not correct? The ones I tried are:
callerid=("Me <12345>") with and without brackets, or callerid=(<0012345>) or callerid=(<+12345>)

Any idea where to look for to get it working?