Can a call be inserted into the queue?

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Can a call be inserted into the queue?

Posted:Wed 17 of Mar, 2010 (16:21 UTC)
We have a CRM product that routes calls from a phone system. We are integrating with asterisk and came accross one issue for which I need your help.
Our application routes a call to an agent after a call is queued into as asterisk queue. However when the application routes a call if the agent does not pick up the call the call is requeued back into the queue. When the call is requeued (using RedirectAction) the call is going back to the end of the queue and the customer hears a message that he is at the end of the queue. However since our application is incharge of routing the calls it picks up this call and routes it to the next avaialble agent immediately before serviceing all the other calls.

The issue is that when call is requeued the customer hears that his queue number is bumped up, for example he would have heard that he is first in queue and then after sometime(because an agent could not answer the call) he would hear that he is 10th or 11th in the queue depending upon the number of calls in the queue.

I dont want to disable the queue # feedback the customer hears. That is a nice feature. Since our application gives highest priority to route the call that has not been answered by an agent, that call infact would be routed before all the other calls. Hence I would like to know if it is possible to insert the call in the beginning of the queue so that the customer hears that he is infact first in queue.