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Posted:Thu 25 of Mar, 2010 (15:38 UTC)
HI everyone - I have a few items I am asking for help on.
To begin - I am a Network Admin and now in charge of our Asterisk 1.4.2 system. We run Asterisk on a Gentoo Linux server which has been running for a few years now and other than a a hiccup here and there - has been pretty stable. I admit I do not know really how the system operates and this is my question.
We have 4 Verizon Lines coming into our office - one main number and 3 secondary ones which I believe are hunt lines. I have a 4 port Digium PCI card in the server and each port has one of those lines plugged in. Where I get confused is - I don't know what PRI does - when I look at my ZAP Show Channels - I see incoming numbered from 1 to 23 and 25,26,27,28. Can you please explain to me how this all works relative to how many simultaneous calls can we handle - is it 4 or 28 ??

I am asking because we tried to have a conf call and after the first person called in and entered the assigned room - everyone else outside the office could not get in - all they heard was a phone ring forever - I later found out that the first hunt number was dead - that got fixed but it is what's bringing up my question.

I am also getting this line show up on my CLI that I never saw before...

[2010-03-25 11:23:19] NOTICE[27412]: chan_zap.c:8426 pri_dchannel: PRI got event: HDLC Bad FCS (8) on Primary D-channel of span 1

but the system seems to be still working - is this another post??

Please help --- Thank you.