Playback without Answare and Billsec

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Re: Playback without Answare and Billsec

Posted:Sat 24 of Apr, 2010 (06:41 UTC)
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Playback without Answare and Billsec

Posted:Fri 23 of Apr, 2010 (14:03 UTC)
Hello guys,
I need a big help!
I need to play a message whem my call does not complete, but I neeed to play it without an Answare before or I need to play it without billsec in CDR field.
I try to configure my extension.conf with this:
exten => s-CONGESTION,3,Playback(nao_foi_possivel_completar_sua_chamada,noansware)
exten => s-CONGESTION,3,Background(nao_foi_possivel_completar_sua_chamada,n)
But with this options the audio files aren't play and I listen only a calling tone.
Any one can help me?