SIP through NBX h323 platform

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SIP through NBX h323 platform

Posted:Tue 27 of Apr, 2010 (20:55 UTC)
Dear voip-info friends,

I have an entire NBX platform up and running with a relatively big structure (many phone devices,
many offices, connection throught WAN, many remote connections), an entired platform stablished up and running.

Recently, the CEO bought an IP device for conferencing, this device is a Polycom SoundStation 7000 that only
works at SIP platforms, so I am asking for your help.

What can I do for put to work the SIP device over our NBX platform?? I mean, if there is a solution that may
be done without upgrading to 6.0 software version for the V3000 and without changing all the platform core from
NBX h323 to SIP mode.

Is there some device that could be putted between the NBX platform and the SIP device for enabling the SIP device?

Maybe some module or hardware that I have to purchase??

Maybe some software option ??

Or am I condened to change all the platform core from h323 to SIP mode just for this new one device :( ?

Please, any advice, tip or orientation will be good. I have searched the Internet for some solution, and I can't
find anything. I think I have readed all the manuals, brochures and data sheets for the NBX v3000 platform. I have asked
the Polycom company for some help, I tried to communicate with 3com support, but until now .. I had not found a viable

Right now, the only solution I can imagine is to set up an Asterisk SIP server at a local machine, put it at least
2 ethernet network cards, connect it between the NBX platform and the SIP device, and find the way to make the
asterisk server work as a modem between the NBX platform and the SIP device, even if I have to develop an entire
asterisk module for this.

So, please help. Thanks in advance.