Asterisk / Avaya IP Agent (Telecommuter Mode) Call Recording Challenge
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Asterisk / Avaya IP Agent (Telecommuter Mode) Call Recording Challenge

Posted:Tue 11 of May, 2010 (02:09 UTC)
Hey Folks,

Long time reader, first time poster. I have a real conundrum facing me. We are a call center who primarily uses Avaya and primarily for inbound.
Our clients dictate this and as such they use Avaya as well. The problem is as follows.

We have to set up 50 seats within a very short time frame and with a limited budget as our full blown solution will not be in place for at least 90 days. Due to this aggressive schedule we would like to implement Asterisk as our talk path, Call Recording provider and Agent Reporting Database server. We have no issues with the talk path or the reporting piece. The problem lies in the call recording piece of this setup. I will try to explain it as best I can using short points.

-We have internal SIP Phones running directly off of the Asterisk PBX. Each phone has it's own extension which is associated with a DID in the dial plan (Explanation further on).
-An Agent comes to work and logs into Asterisk and joins a Queue (This is for Login/Logout and Break tracking purposes only).
-The Agent also logs into the Avaya IP Agent in Telecommuter mode. As a result of this, the Avaya PBX calls the DID associated with the extension.
-The Agent opens the line and it continues to remain open for the duration of the shift as the Avaya PBX handles the calls on it's end over the open line.

Here is the problem with the call recording. The line is constantly open and the Asterisk PBX does not handle the inbound/outbound portion of the call volume for the duration of the shift as Avaya is the routing PBX and Asterisk is merely a talk path. This results in the line always being open. Since it is always open, the call recording is not broken out in the call by call segments one prefers but rather turns into one large file.

I have one question; Does anyone know how to get these calls recording in call by call segments at 100% of the time without the use of CTI Start/Stop events from the Avaya PBX? Is there another way to do this with Asterisk that I am unaware of?

Any feedback and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.