Inbound caller ID brdige to outbond call

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Re: Inbound caller ID brdige to outbond call

Posted:Thu 13 of May, 2010 (03:55 UTC)

Check these below links for follow me configuration. There is some help with caller ID setup as well.



Hope this helps you.

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Inbound caller ID brdige to outbond call

Posted:Wed 12 of May, 2010 (01:55 UTC)
How do I pass the caller ID of an in bound call with an Asterisk bridge to an outbound call?

Currently: The Asterisk server telephones the user to remind him to make a follow up telephone call. When the user answers the server reminder, the Asterisk AGI php script acquires the user caller ID to look up the required follow up call number. Then on behalf of the user, the Asterisk server places the outbound call to the follow up number:
write ("EXEC Dial \"SIP/voicepulse-primary/1$fu_number|15\"");
When the follow party receives the call I want them to see the caller ID of the user, instead they follow up party sees the caller ID of the server.