Asterisk PCI/PCIe card

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Asterisk PCI/PCIe card

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Telephony Interface Hardware

Product Features
PC interfaces: PCI、PCIe、USB
Communication interfaces: FXO/FXS、E1/T1/J1、GSM、CDMA
International Standard: Satisfied with international standards and can be fitted with differences of different areas. It can be deployed worldwide.
IT & Communication integrated: It’s possible to connect GSM,PSTN and IP network together. The barrier between communication system and IT system has been removed.
Product Background
Based on the development of internet, host processing techniques and telephony open source project, new generation telephony card comes naturally.
Bluenet technology released its new generation telephony hardware based on the following techniques:
(1)Host processing.
(2)VoIP support.
(3)International standard and adaptive capacity.
(4)Supporting Telephony open source project, such as asterisk,yate,freeswitch,etc.
Product Overview
Bluenet new generation telephony card – BL series – covers analogy,digital and GSM/CDMA connections, can be plugged into PCI/PCIe/USB interfaces.Wide range of systems can be built with these telephony cards.

BL-400A 4-channels Telephony card FXO/FXS analogy telephony card
BL-1600A/BL-1600AEX 16-channels FXO/FXS telephony card
BL-800AU 8-channels FXO/FXS USB Bank
BL-400G 4-channels GSM card

BL-100O Single FXO Module
BL-100S Single FXS Module
BL-200O Double FXO Module
BL-200S Single FXS Module
BL-400O Quad FXO Module
BL-400S Quad FXS Module

BL110D Single E1/T1/J1 Digital Telephony card
BL120D/BL210D/BL410D Single/Double/Quad E1/T1/J1 Digital Telephony card
BL120D-EC/BL220D-EC/BL420D-EC Single/Double/Quad E1/T1/J1 Digital Telephony card with EC support

All our products listed above has been passed the test with Asterisk and Freeswitch.

Using the most popular and carrier-grade chips, our products are designed for the global market. They all can be deployed to adapt the differences of different countries and situations.
The main parts are designed and provided in pluggable modules, such as EC, FXO/FXS.It’s easy to meet the requirement of changeable configuration. Of course it’s convenient for system expanding.
Stand alone package includes all drivers of our product series.One package,same operation can used with all versions of zaptel, dahdi and asterisk. What you have to do is to configure and make install.
Our hardware and software are both high performance.Comparing with others, we have the lowest cpu load.
Our telephony cards provide different telecommunication interfaces. Also we have rich series to satisfy your requirements.All your needs can be purchased in one stop.
The host interfaces of our provides include: USB,PCI and PCIe. The telecommunication interfaces of our products include: GSM,FXO/FXO and E1/J1/T1.
It’s better to choose USB interface if you have mini-box or want hot pluggable support. Our USB box has no compatible problems. One computer can installed more than 8 USB box to reach more than 64 telephony ports.
PCIe interface is simple, reliable.and high speed.PCI and PCIe are complementation and can be used in one host to build high capacity systems.
GSM product has unique characteristics. It provides the possibilities of integrating IP,Mobile and landlines all togethers.Convergence of telecommunications has come true.
 PBX/IVR Services
 VoIP Services
 VoIP Gateways
 FAX Server, FAX On Demand
 Voice Mail Services
 Call Centers
 Prepaid Calling Card System
 Callback Service
 Traditional Calls/VoIP Calls Conference

Founded in 2005, Bluenet is becoming a leading manufacturer of telephony boards and devices for open source telephony projects: Asterisk, Freeswitch and Yate, etc.

Bluenet has been dedicated to providing the most reliable and cost effective building blocks for providing total solutions in the converged communication market.

All our hardware products is ready to be used with leading open source telephony projects including Asterisk. End user can build advanced but affordable telephony systems themselves.

With our complete product line, Bluenet has extensive coverage to address the service provider and enterprise market segments with the emphasis on quality, service and ease of doing business - all backed by industry leading support.

With our rich experiences in telephony hardware and software, we can provide our customers with professional services as well.

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