Detecting Fax on Single Zaptel Analog Line?

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Re: Detecting Fax on Single Zaptel Analog Line?

Posted:Wed 23 of Jun, 2010 (10:21 UTC)
Hi bjblackmore,
Have you created a Fax extension? or an IAX2 extension to be more precise? and you have to set up a Virtual Fax and add your IP address under Fax Clients.
Been struggling to get mine working but managed to get it sorted today.
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Detecting Fax on Single Zaptel Analog Line?

Posted:Mon 17 of May, 2010 (15:52 UTC)

I'm trying to setup faxing on our analog line. I have an X100P card, which is used as a failover to our SIP trunk. We're also going to use this as a fax line, as we rarely require the fail over, and rarely use faxing, so its not worth having separate lines for each. I can send faxes after following the instructions in 'HylaFAX / AvantFax for PIAF! - Parts 1-4' (, but when I receive faxes, they come through to the phone extension, not the AvantFax inbox. I have setup the inbound route in FreePBX to detect faxes,using zaptel, and send to custom destination: fax (hylafax). However, it still seems to go through to a phone extension. If I change the default destination for the inbound route to the custom destination: Fax (Hylafax), it works, and the fax is received by the AvantFax inbox, but this doesn't allow normal phone calls to come through to the extensions, as they just get answered by the fax!

Does anyone know how to configure Asterisk to detect fax calls, and voice calls, and route them correctly?