CDMA support for Nepal network termination

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CDMA support for Nepal network termination

Posted:Tue 08 of Jun, 2010 (06:45 UTC)
New Professional CDMA RUIM-Enabled Gateways from Hypermedia

Hypermedia Systems is pleased to present its latest CDMA RUIM-Enabled Gateways for both Businesses and Service Providers.

The new CDMA RUIM Gateways are professional, heavy duty CDMA Gateways that offer great new business opportunities. When connected to alternative carrier's equipment/networks, these CDMA Gateways increase profits for call termination vendors.

VoIP CDMA Gateway HG-4000C series - supports up to 72 CDMA ports with RUIM cards
PRI CDMA Gateway HG-3000C series – supports up to 30 (+2) CDMA ports with RUIM cards

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• Fast ROI
• Practical, easy to implement
• Flexible and scalable
• Value-added product
• Reliable and proven technology
• Compatible with PBX / IP-PBX systems of leading manufacturers worldwide
• Online technical support and training
• One point of contact for customer service
• 24 months warranty


VoIP GSM Termination Gateways

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