ATA (VoIP Gateway) ComVox 904 OEM Supported

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ATA (VoIP Gateway) ComVox 904 OEM Supported

Posted:Sun 13 of Jun, 2010 (03:34 UTC)
ComVox-904 Gateway is an internet based voice network phone terminal. PHONE series IP phone adopts multiple voice control protocols and voice compression coding methods to directly convert analog voice into IP packet for internet transport, thus effectively using the existing bandwidth to provide PSTN quality voice service.
ComVox-904 Gateway supports SIP protocols, Support Bridge and Router model. Support 4 public sip server, offers Two Ethernet interface and is compatible with various soft switch systems and VoIP voice gateways to provide broadband IP voice service.

Solution: Infineon; Protocol : SIP
Support auto provision by WAN Port MAC address
Two 10/100M Ethernet Interfaces; Four FXS ports
Support register to four different SIP Servers
Codec: G.711 / G723/G.729a
Support both router and bridge mode
Support PPPoE for xDSL
Support T.38 FAX
Support Voice Gain Setting, Jitter Buffer, VAD and CNG.
Web configuration through Built-in web server.
Upgrading firmware and configurations by HTTP, FTP or TFTP.
DHCP Client on WAN and DHCP Server on LAN.

Company: ComVox Innovation Techonology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Walker
Email: sales@com-vox.com
Website: www.com-vox.com