Asterisk for Windows + Celliax for Windows - can you help ?

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Asterisk for Windows + Celliax for Windows - can you help ?

Posted:Mon 21 of Jun, 2010 (14:41 UTC)

I have installed Asterisk for Windows + Celliax for Windows by Patrick,
trying to test IVR dial plans, calling my laptop from a mobile phone.

In theory celliax should provide support for mobile phone connected to usb data port + sound card.

In celliax.conf file
I have set

auto answer

as I don't have a mobile phone connected to my laptop yet.

So I can invoke auto connect event
kicking a mic
and get Asterisk to play standard local context (dial plan)

The issue is sound quality of audio file played by Asterisk is poor.

Asterisk for Windows works great with local SIP client installed on the same laptop
to pick up a SIP call ( via SIP provider) : X-Lite.

But I try to test Asterisk for Windows in local loop,
calling laptop directly via GSM telephone or modem or GSM gateway.

Tell me what module, configuration file, or codec is responsible in Asterisk for poor quality of audio file played
and what can be done to improve sound quality.

Asterisk for Windows is Asterisk compiled by Patrick + Celliax patched to work for Windows by Patrick.

Tried to download Celliax for Windows by Giovanni, but don't know how to download binaries and source for Windows, as

don't know how to start download in Windows from the following web page

svn co chan_celliax

Celliax is an Asterisk installation that compiles and runs on Windows

Celliax (asterisk1.2 + chan_celliax + related configuration utilities) compiles and runs natively on Windows, no need for virtualization or Linux on Windows (Celliax uses cygwin and a little modification to the compilation of Asterisk, just to avoid the calls to sigkill). Supports IAX, SIP, and cellphones (with support for Skype calls from/to cellphones). With Celliax is distributed the Celliax LiveCD, with a working installation of Asterisk, chan_celliax, and configuration utilities, based on Knoppix. The Celliax LiveCD contains also all is needed to run Celliax on Windows: the cygwin installer and the tgz with the asterisk-celliax stuff to be untarred in a basic cygwin installation.

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