Linksys SPA-941 troubleshootings

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Re: Linksys SPA-941 troubleshootings

Posted:Thu 01 of Jul, 2010 (13:44 UTC)

You can find additional resources for troubleshooting your SPA941 on the Cisco Small Business Support Community -

Aziz Khan
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Linksys SPA-941 troubleshootings

Posted:Sat 26 of Jun, 2010 (06:34 UTC)
I have some pisical probs with my SPA 941.
the unit is stock on an erorr wich restarts the devise all the time and I can't enter to settings.

1. how do I do an HARD RESET to factory setting (hard reset!)
2. where can I buy accessories such as new handset (the old one have probs with the sound)