Minacom Power Probe 30 - For Sale

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Minacom Power Probe 30 - For Sale

Posted:Tue 29 of Jun, 2010 (19:37 UTC)
Minacom PowerProbe 30 VoIP Responder
The World's Smallest VoIp Service Quality Tester

Provision & Troubleshoot
Connect the PowerProbe 30 to any 2-wire phone jack and conduct more than 60 service level measurements in less than a minute.

Integration with the DirectQuality R7 Service Level Assurance platform provides standards-based testing, centralized data logging and reporting, third-party OSS integration, and service Level classification.

Measure a Full Array of Phone Service Metrics & Impairments
  • Speech Quality (MOS) * Echo *CODEC Performance
  • Call Connectivity *Noise *Frequency Response
  • Network Response *Packet Loss *DTMF Detection
  • Voice Path Delay *Call Volume *Fax Tones

Key Features and Benefits
Simple & Cost Effective:
The PowerProbe 30 is line powerd - simple connect to any standard phone jack and start testing>
Minacom's exclusive Single-Call, Multi-Test technology conducts 60 measurements in less than a minute.
Clear Results:
Minacom's server-based test system provides results against standardized pass/fail criteria - with advanced drill-through for troubleshooting. Technicians and NOC personnel can share centrally stored test results to quickly resolve service issues.
Test Plan Automation:
Service Providers customize the tests performed by the PowerProbe 30, automating their existing test plans for consistent execution. With centralized test planning, technicians require minimal training.

      • Multiple units for sale at an unbelievable price.
Please send inquiries to:
(610) 940-4930