Highest cost performance of VOIP Gateway from Medou China

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Highest cost performance of VOIP Gateway from Medou China

Posted:Wed 30 of Jun, 2010 (01:27 UTC)
MDM IP media gateway is a highly cost-effective and a great compatibility trunk media

gateway designed and manufactured by Medou Communication for the voice business requirement

of business, industry and telecom operator, mainly used in the conversion between E1 (2M)

and IP channel, by which users from enterprise and industry can conveniently enable

applications of IP access, Traffic Convergence, and Telecom Floor etc. The signaling (SS1,

PRI, and SS7) interoperability to public network switching system can be conveniently

realized by MDM media gateway.


Provide up to 960 IP telephone channels per system, support 1-32E1 interfaces, flexible

configuration according to user requirement.

Support signaling protocol multiple access mode. Support signaling protocol SS7, SS1,

ISDN, SIP, etc. Support the conversion between different signaling. The seamless

connection between traditional switched networks and IP network can be realized by MDM

media gateway.

Support distributed gateway architecture, thereby reducing the long-distance circuit

costs, improving scalability and system availability.

Provide rich solutions; support Voice Activity Detection Technology (VAD) to save the

effective bandwidth, Comfort Noise Generation Technology (CNG) for providing the same

experience such as PSTN telephone network, Echo Cancellation (up to 128ms) technology to

eliminate the echo interference by long-distance calls.

Secondary development is compatible with MDE Web programming interface. Support the

transformation between calling number and called number, secondary dial, DTMF, precise

human / machine voice ring back tone detection, flexible signaling link configuration.

Support network record and play audio, Web queries, backup, management functions.

Support color ring tone, color talk, conference call functions, users can realize the

applications of voice broadcast, billing, call traffic statistics, call transfer and


Support real-time tracking to open / closed and connected call status of all ports, a

variety of anomalies detection techniques, and remote upgrades & maintenance.

Software Specification

Signaling support: CAS, R2, LINESIDE, ISDN, SS7, SIP
IP protocol support: RTP, RTCP, TCP, UDP, READIUS
Speech encoding format: G.711, G.729A
OS: Linux/Windows

Hardware Specification

E1/T1/J1 interface: 2/4/8/16/32
Network interface: 2 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports
Data interface: 1 RS-232(DB9) port

Zhejiang Medou Communication Technology Co. Ltd., abbreviated as Medou Communication, is a

high-tech enterprise specialized in the next-generation communications (NGN, 3G, 4G) R & D,

manufacture, sales and service. After years of research and development, Medou

Communication already has complete production lines of communications products, and also

possesses independent intellectual property rights in key areas. Our customers come from

telecom, finance, stock, power industry, army, police, traffic, utility, service industry

and so on. Our products are widely used in CTI industry such as communications signaling

protocol conversion, call aggregation, signaling Acquisition and Analysis System, voice

recording, the signaling network monitoring, voice value-added, call center, virtual

operations, intelligent network, value-added SMS services.

mail xiongjiechina@gmail.com
call 86-0579-85113688-8003