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Re: CONSOLE DIAL command

Posted:Sat 18 of Sep, 2010 (19:19 UTC)
I have the same problem. I am preaty new in asterisk really new :).. I start to read the the asterisk book, which is online. The first example was this hello world example. I have tried to make this example but every time I have this problem with no console dial.

I thougth that after asterisk installation everything is setup. How should I go on to be able to start this little example a to go on with the book.
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Posted:Mon 12 of Jul, 2010 (16:27 UTC)
I am reading a book about asterisk and it uses a CLI command: CONSOLE DIAL
But it responses that this command does not exist. I searched on internet and I found that through the file modules.conf must be loaded I open the modules.conf in vi editor and indeed the had noload in front of it. I change that to load but unfortunately did not happen anything. Then I thought perhaps there was not this file but I found it in the directory /usr/lib/asterisk/modules.
The next step I suppose is to find if the module really load when asterisk load...
How can I figure out this...
Thank in advance
And something else... I read somewhere that this module relates with the sound card drivers...