How can we implement web-flashphone to our site?

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Re: How can we implement web-flashphone to our site?

Posted:Fri 06 of Aug, 2010 (11:22 UTC)

I recommend you try - there is everything you need.
You can downlad archive from main page and then you will find a client application (written to the flash, the code open, you can cnahge it)
For this solutions you'll need a server (any VPS for $ 20/mo. just fine) and then just write to support -
with the theme «I want to introduce calls to the site» - and the guys will help you.

The solution costs about $1000, but if you really want implement calls to your webstie - to call yourself - it's worth it.
Depends on what you sell from the site, but the click2call average bayback in about 10-15 purchases.
This is about a couple of months. This direction is fresh, and people try it carefully. But within a year expecting the boom on this market - will all have laptops/netbooks/smartphones and a call from the site will be the norm.

Support there is very good, fast. They will help you install and configure everything without problems.

P.s. More will be needed several SIP accounts - take it from any voip operator
P.s.s. That's documentation for your programmists -
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Re: How can we implement web-flashphone to our site?

Posted:Tue 27 of Jul, 2010 (07:15 UTC)
hi, is providing click2call buttons with web page and IVR customizations.

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How can we implement web-flashphone to our site?

Posted:Tue 20 of Jul, 2010 (07:05 UTC)

We try to find solution which allow our customers call to support and sales from our website.
Ate the moment our specialists are little confused about it, so we try to find some third party service/software which allow us do it.
Does anybody engaged in this?

We need flashphone or click2call buttons which allow make instant conversation with support.
Also we need IVR in this.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance,