Emulating a VoIP phone with Asterisk

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Emulating a VoIP phone with Asterisk

Posted:Wed 21 of Jul, 2010 (13:47 UTC)
First, the original environment is

Call Server (which I don't have admin access) --> VoIP line (RJ-45 jack) --> Avaya One-X Deskphone Ed.
I obtain the network information from the IP phone.

I want to take the VoIP line and connect it to an Ethernet NIC at my Asterisk server. To do this, I assigned the same IP address of the Avaya phone (let's say it is A.B.C.D) , but I have doubt with the default gateway address. Should it be the Call Server address or the Router address?

In Asterisk's h323.conf I set the bindaddr to the address of the Asterisk server and a [voip] context with host address= address of the Ethernet interface where the VoIP line is connected (A.B.C.D).

In order to place a call to the PSTN I need to dial 9 first and then the 10-digit phone number (area code) XXX-XXXX. Therefore in the extensions.conf I have the following line
exten => 9XXXXXXXXXX,1, Dial(h323/${EXTEN}@voip)

But the call does not goes out. I am dialing to my mobile phone number and nothing happens.

Can anyone have done this before?

PLEASE HELP. Thank you in advance