Need to have extra phone ring when call is coming in.

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Need to have extra phone ring when call is coming in.

Posted:Wed 21 of Jul, 2010 (16:38 UTC)
I'm a complete noob with asterisk server. The IT guy that was working for the company that implemented the asterisk server has left the company and we can no longer get ahold of him. I currently have a situation that is driving me crazy on how to figure out and I'm sure it has to be pretty easy if you know the system but I have no clue what I'm doing. Where using the Asterisk Server 1.4 I believe I'm not sure. Where using a polycom sound point ip 501 phones. What config file do I need to access where the phone rings when a call is coming in. I thought it was under extension.config Below is a copy of the text
exten => 3523854783,1,Set(CDR(accountcode)=IN-PSTN)
exten => 3523854783,n,Dial(SIP/110&SIP/112&SIP/118&SIP/119&SIP/120,20,tr)
exten => 3523854783,n,Dial(SIP/110&SIP/112&SIP/118&SIP/113&SIP/115&SIP/117&SIP/120&SIP/129,15,tr)
exten => 3523854783,n,Voicemail(u100)

exten => 8772632996,1,Set(CDR(accountcode)=IN-PSTN)
exten => 8772632996,n,Dial(SIP/110&SIP/112&SIP/118&SIP/119&SIP/120,20,tr)
exten => 8772632996,n,Dial(SIP/110&SIP/112&SIP/118&SIP/113&SIP/115&SIP/117&SIP/120&SIP/129,15,tr)
exten => 8772632996,n,Voicemail(u100)

sip 118 is the phone line extension that I'm trying to get to ring but whenever I put the information in here and restart the phone it won't ring Most likely I'm putting it in the wrong location can somebody help me out thank you.