SIP Trunk Problem ...407 Proxy Authentication Required

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SIP Trunk Problem ...407 Proxy Authentication Required

Posted:Fri 23 of Jul, 2010 (14:58 UTC)
Hello !
i tried to connect a Tenovis-I55 with my Asterisk (Asterisk 1.2.24) ... the sip trunk is running and works in both direction.
But there are some telefone devices, which can't dial in from the I55 to the asterisk ... i have made a tcpdump on the asterisk, and found, that on some devices the i55 gets an "407 Proxy Authentication required" error.
so i made some deeper tests, and found out the following:
extensions on i55: 410 401 432
extensions on asterisk: 263 401 432

i55/401 -> asterisk/263 .... Status 407
i55/410 -> asterisk/263 .... OK
i55/432 -> asterisk/263 .... Status 407
asterisk/263 -> i55/401 .... OK
asterisk/263 -> i55/410 .... OK
asterisk/263 -> i55/432 .... OK

... each telefone device on i55 which has an extenstion which is allready registered on the asterisk cannot dial to a device on the asterisk !

... thanks for your help