Looking to make outbounds VoIP calls using PHP

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Re: Looking to make outbounds VoIP calls using PHP

Posted:Thu 19 of Aug, 2010 (23:47 UTC)

If you are familiar with Linux and PHP, Asterisk should not be difficult for you to pick up. You may want to do the application piece yourself and then you can use any/or multiple sip termination providers to terminate the calls to pstn.

There are many ways to use an API with asterisk including PHP.

Here are a couple links that may help you get started:

Kent Pirlo
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Looking to make outbounds VoIP calls using PHP

Posted:Wed 28 of Jul, 2010 (17:20 UTC)
I'm looking for an API solution to make VoIP outbound calls using PHP on my Linux server. The calls would be short text messages and spoken to the recipient using text-to-speech. No longer than 30 secs msg. The recipient only has to listen, no response is required by the recipient. Language translation would be a nice extra as I would like to support english and spanish.

I'm at a loss as to which company can provide this kind of service.