UcSky Call Center

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UcSky Call Center

Posted:Mon 09 of Aug, 2010 (03:00 UTC)
UcSky’s call center offers your company the resources you need to make your marketing program succeed. We handle inbound and outbound calls just as effectively for our mid and small-sized clients.

With our advanced technology and unparalleled service, you will be able to monitor your program remotely just as well as you would if it were running in your own office. You will have access to advanced software, charts, graphs, and will be able to monitor conversations. So, you’ll have the ability to improve the quality of your team’s performance as the campaign progresses.

At UcSky, we pride ourselves on delivering more than you pay for. We’ll even offer to run a trial campaign with you. If you’re serious about developing a long-term relationship with a quality service provider, welcome to our website:http://www.opencox.com. You will be glad you did.

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