guidance regarding call centre solution

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Re: guidance regarding call centre solution

Posted:Thu 19 of Aug, 2010 (00:37 UTC)
Hi Pawan,

Just to say that I've installed many call centers with Vicidial and it really works well. I don't know if your post is still up-to-date, but you should see why your client is reluctant to use Vicidial. I'm using it on call centers of more than 1,000 people and it works perfectly well.


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guidance regarding call centre solution

Posted:Sat 14 of Aug, 2010 (06:52 UTC)
i have experience in configuring pbx in asterisk,never configured voip server in asterisk one of my client is a call centre
they are having 500 agents.i know vicidial, but client is not interested in vicidial.he had asked me following things.

Which application ill be using. (suggest)

which crm ill be using. (suggest)

which database ill be using. (suggest)

VOIP server should be with predective dialer (suggest)

i have some days with me so that i can give him a presentation.plz guide me for this, and plz tell me what points should i keep in
my mind.