SIP to T1 Converter

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Re: SIP to T1 Converter

Posted:Fri 20 of Aug, 2010 (20:36 UTC)
Look at PRI gateway boxes from Patton (SN4960), AudioCodes (M1000 or M600/PRI).
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SIP to T1 Converter

Posted:Thu 19 of Aug, 2010 (18:10 UTC)
total newbie here, hope this is the right forum to post this. My company is considering moving to a direct fiber connection provided by TW. Currently we have a T1 PRI providing phone service. I called the phone switch company about getting a SIP card for the box and they indicated it cannot accept on as it is a digital only switch. The tech suggested looking at a box to convert the SIP (fiber) connection to a PRI connection so the phone switch would recognize it. Thanks in advance to your expanding my knowledge and suggestions on how to make this happen.