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Posted:Mon 13 of Sep, 2010 (15:46 UTC)
While I am not intimately familiar with what you want to do, the following link should help you:


Pay particular attention to the section titled "Defining Your Own Music For Music on Hold" and also the information directly below that pertaining to variable bitrates to avoid any unnecessary aggravation.


Randy Stegner
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Posted:Tue 31 of Aug, 2010 (02:08 UTC)

I have now idea and I have the same question I also tried to use 1 song for musi on hold but I couldn't.... Hopefuly someone will help us :)

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Asterisk Server

Posted:Fri 27 of Aug, 2010 (16:03 UTC)
How can I use MP3 files for music on hold. I would like to use a classic rock mp3 song from the eagles for my music on hold. I have tried converting it to wav and also mp3 but it will not play the file. Is there a special license I need to have installed in order for it to play the file the standard sample moh music it plays no problem but I can't get it to play the eagles any suggestions thank you