wanna be service provider seeks opinions

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Re: wanna be service provider seeks opinions

Posted:Tue 21 of Sep, 2010 (15:04 UTC)
With offering Voip service to small and medium businesses, here are few things to keep in mind.

1. Many of these business may already have a traditional PBX or key system.
In this case, you made be better to sell them on the service offering a VoIP to T1/PRI/Analog PSTN gatway onsite.
This would allow them to keep the same phones and pbx, same IVR and extensions settings, etc. as they already have configured.
You would just be replacing the T1/PRI/Analog input they currently purchase from their local telco.
Some of these devices can be found here: http://www.voipsupply.com/ip-gateways

2. They do not have an existing setup or are willing to trash their old system completely.
In this case, you can go a couple ways:
a. hosted pbx - you would host an asterisk or some other PBX at your location or colocation facilities, and provide them IP Phones that would connect to your system.
In this scenario, it would cost the customer less up front, because all they need are the phones, and you can charge the monthly recurring for them to access your pbx.
General IP phone varieties: http://www.voipsupply.com/ip-phones
b. Onsite PBX and phones - Customer could host a asterisk/trixbox/or voip appliance, and connect to a softswitch of yours for service, their phones would connect locally to their pbx onsite.
some voip systems that could be used onsite: http://www.voipsupply.com/phone-systems

Most of these solutions will allow for Dynamic environments utilizing Username/Password registration/authentication.

The voip-info.org site also has many resources for researching different pbx and softswitch companies:

and Voip billing solutions:

I have seen many people starting out use A2Billing as a free solution that works with asterisk.

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Re: wanna be service provider seeks opinions

Posted:Fri 10 of Sep, 2010 (15:09 UTC)
I am looking to provide VOIP service to small and medium sized businesses from 2 to 50 lines and provide them with new numbers, port existing numbers and provide a full ranges of telco related services (call id, forwarding, follow me, voicemail, ksu, ivr, etc). I will be looking to provide them with all hardware to make it a turnkey voice sollution over broadband where I also handle monthly billing for all services. I intend to offer unlimited LD

I was an ISP for ten years and attempted to offer VOIP in 2000. No-one understood it. Everything has changed and now we have SIP. I am lost as to methods to setup what I want to do. I don't know current hardware or software that is available although, I have been checking out Asterisk. I am aslo unsure about what is available for billing. At this time I would love to have some ideas of how to set this up or where to find the info to get a grip on what I desire. I am most confused about what CPE I would need in a dynamic (dhcp) enviroment

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Re: wanna be service provider seeks opinions

Posted:Fri 10 of Sep, 2010 (12:54 UTC)
As far as server side goes, there are many options you could go with. It would be helpful to know more specifics about your business and your target customers.

Are you going to be providing to end users a retail (vonage) type service or to enterprise and businesses?
What features would you want to be offering? (voicemail, call forwarding, etc. or just dial tone and Telephone numbers)

There are many commercial softswitches that are very good.
If you are going to be doing any class 5 features, something like broadsoft may be a way to go.
If you do not need class 5 functionality, I really like Sansay as a commercial option.

Also, you could always start out with the open source stuff if you have someone to configure it. (Asterisk, openSIPS, freeswitch)

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wanna be service provider seeks opinions

Posted:Thu 09 of Sep, 2010 (17:04 UTC)
Want to provide hardware and voip service in my local market including integrations with existing systems (and BTNs)
What hardware should I be looking at on the server side and the customer side. What kind of router would I want for a customer who has dhcp based broadband service