Send SIP calls out over PRI (pri_net)

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Re: Send SIP calls out over PRI (pri_net)

Posted:Wed 13 of Apr, 2011 (14:05 UTC)
Hi george1721, were you able to solve this issue? We are also trying to implement the same setup here in the office with our * box acting as a gateway from other PBXs going to the PRI link...
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Send SIP calls out over PRI (pri_net)

Posted:Sat 11 of Sep, 2010 (19:16 UTC)
What is the simplest way to send a call from a SIP trunk out over PRI to another destination. Caller dials NXXNXXXXXX and is connected by my SIP carrier to my * box. I want to:
1. Identify the call by its unique DID
2. If the DID matches a pattern, simply send the call our over one of the PRI channels (or the first available in the group) to be answered by someone else.

I don't want any human intervention. No progress tones (except ringing), no announcements that the call is being transferred.

In this application I am attempting to use * as a gateway FROM sip to ISDN PRI. The PRI connects to an non-sip capable switch in a call center. I have previously used adtrans to perform this task, but I am told this is lite work for *. I have searched for days for example code.

Current config is Elastix 1.6.2-7
Asterisk 1.4

This is probably basic stuff for someone out there. I do appreciate your grace in advance.