Cisco 7940g sip conversion

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Re: Cisco 7940g sip conversion

Posted:Fri 24 of Sep, 2010 (21:48 UTC)
If there is nothing in the log on the TFTP server. That means the phone never tried to communicate with the TFTP server. Likely it forgot the 'tftp server 1' setting that you put into it as soon as you rebooted it.

You will need a DHCP server that can specify your TFTP server. Any router that can run DD-WRT, tomato, etc. will allow you to specify the TFTP server
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Cisco 7940g sip conversion

Posted:Thu 23 of Sep, 2010 (09:11 UTC)
I have acquired a cisco 7940 ip phone loaded with sccp 7.2 and need to convert it to SIP.
I have tried using the methods in this link but have had no luck.

I am using a dlink dslg604t adsl router and have a windows xp pc running solarwinds tftp server.
I have copied the sip firmware etc to the tftp server and started it running. set 'tftp server 1' on the phone to the pc's ip address. set 'alternate tftp' to yes and rebooted the phone.

The phone just goes in a continuous loop saying 'defaulting CM to TFTP serv...', 'connecting to', 'configuring IP', 'configuring CM list', 'defaulting CM to TFTP serv...' etc and there is nothing in the tftp logs except for 'tftp server status started udp 69'.

Any idea's?