DC-DC Converters,AC-DC Inverters,Power Supply

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DC-DC Converters,AC-DC Inverters,Power Supply

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V-Young Tech.Development Co., Ltd., an ISO 9001-2000 approved company, is a leading manufacturer of DC/DC, DC/AC,AC/DC converters in China. Our company products are widely used for Telecom, Electronic, LED,Instrument, Railway industry,Automation.For more information, please check our website: http://www.v-young.com.cn

1. Power Module
DC/DC Converters ( 2.5 - 500W )----- SIP, DIP, POL, 1/2 Brick, Full Brick, 1/4 Brick, Standard package,Customer Product
AC/DC Converters ( 2.5 - 500W )------ Moduled, Open Frame
DC/AC Converters (Pure Sine Wave, Modified Sine Wave)
Ring Generaters
2. Transformer/Choke Coil: EE EI EER EFD EPC PQ etc

If you are interested, please kindly contact me. We offer OEM production,customer products and application solution.Please let us know your requirement, I assure of best quality product against competitive price for you.

V-Young Tech.Development Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Lily Gao
Tel : 0086-10-62477084
FAX: 0086-10-62443732 ext 18
HP : 0086-13691415145
E-mail: vyoung.tech@gmail.com
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