XT to XT DTMF Dropped?

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XT to XT DTMF Dropped?

Posted:Wed 29 of Sep, 2010 (07:54 UTC)
Hi - my first post on this site !!!!!

This question relates to Telecom New Zealand

I've been playing with a bluetooth gateway into Asterisk using a spare XT 3G (Nokia 3120c), and after all that work, I seem to have discovered that Telecom in their wisdom suppress DTMF on XT to XT calls

This may have been discussed here before, and if so please forgive my ignorance - nothing showed up on a search

Even before looking at my Asterisk config, I cannot hear DTMF on XT to XT calls

XT to GSM or PSTN etc sends DTMF
GSM or PSTN to XT etc sends DTMF
GSM to GSM sends DTMF (I am told - yet to test)

So is this a known Telecom issue forcing me onto another network or am I missing something?