A little bit lost..

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A little bit lost..

Posted:Fri 01 of Oct, 2010 (13:33 UTC)
Hello guys,

We would like to launch a VOIP service in our country.

We would like to be able to provide our customers with VOIP service (via SIP, using their IP Phones).

We've seen many solutions: for example, many providers offer reseller / white-label programs.

However, those providers don't always have the best prices for DID numbers, VOIP termination in the different countries, etc.

That's why we would like to be able to manage the different termination providers, and the DID providers, by ourselves.

We don't have a very important budget for this.

We already have a server in France, and we can install anything we want on it. I heard that VOIPswitch could do this for us but it seems very expensive.

Can you tell me (quite) exaclty what we need ?

Kind regards