E-Softbilling (SIP Mobile Dialer & PC2Phone)

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E-Softbilling (SIP Mobile Dialer & PC2Phone)

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SIP Mobile Dialer is a service that allows to create branded and featured version of mobile VoIP and IM chat application. This sevice is designed for small and mid size VoIP/SIP providers or other businesses who want to join mobile VoIP and IM markets.

Special features of the SIP Mobile Dialer service:
-Branded SIP Mobile Dialer will work with your existing SIP infrastructure and billing system.
-Allows changing your SIP server address without redistributing new version of the application.
-Call Logs
-Balance Display.
-No extra balance server required.
-Auto delete Plus(+) sign when contact read from phone book
-Refill Account
-Incoming VoIP Call
-Real Time Call Duration.
-Phone Book Read.
-NAT Traversal.
-Dialed Call History.
-Outgoing VoIP Call.
-G729, AMR, ILBC, GSM, Speex, G711 codec Support.
-Pin Security service without any extra cost
-It takes very low bandwidth (10kbps) on g.729 codec

Can you test our sip mobile dialer demo?


this is our Mobile Dialer demo link.

SIPPhone offers fully integrated features to accelerate and enhance the usage of the SIP pc2phone. It's a windows phone. Linux phone is coming soon.

-Smart Saver Encryption Support. It will work from any blockage country.
-Soft phone with G729,G723.1 (License Codec)
-Customized skin interfaces (coming soon)
-Call timer
-Display Balance
-Last Number Redial
-Micro Phone Volume Control
-Speaker Volume Control
-Speaker and Volume Progress bar
-Work with any full-duplex sound card
-Auto-configuration of settings for easy deployment
-Uses NEW RFC 3261 compliant stack
-Brand Name on the fly.
-Free Life time update.
-Window's XP supported Only.
-Free PIN Security option.

SIP Phone is now support Windows XP/Vista and 7.

Can you test our SIP Phone(PC2Phone) demo?


this is our PC2Phone Demo link.

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