Runsun_GSM/CDMA 8 Ports FWT with 64 SIM Cards

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Runsun_GSM/CDMA 8 Ports FWT with 64 SIM Cards

Posted:Thu 07 of Oct, 2010 (10:29 UTC)
We own the specialized research organization and the advanced technology in wireless communication. We have the abilities of self-research and step-technology development. We can provide the integrated proposal for our client.
On the base of our researching in FWT for 5 years, we have been developing this new kind of GSM Terminal; we use the GSM Gateway as our wireless receiver unit, which can work for 100 thousand hours. The quality of this products is very good, user called it as "The best equipment of this kind..

Some functions
1) IMEI changing (Optional)
2) Rasio Bases Changing Automaticly to simulate movement(Optional)
3) Simple to install and easy to maintain
4) Steady module & reliable design ensures good performance
5) Strong signals with high gain antenna
6) No noise & Clear voice
7) Suitable for wide voltage range & Low power consumption
8) Suitable for all kinds of weather & environment
9) 8SIM Rotator Automaticly(Optional)
10) Offer web sets to define functions remotely(Optional)

If you want to know more information, please contact us or sent email.
Tel: +8613428718801