Runsun_32 SIM Cards GSM/CDMA FWT with IMEI Changer

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Runsun_32 SIM Cards GSM/CDMA FWT with IMEI Changer

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Our products widely applied in remote and mountain areas, company business, coin telephone in long-distance bus, public telephone service, and dwelling house with weak signal etc. In order to serve you with our best efforts, any opinions or suggestion please contact with our dealer.

Some functions:
01) GSM 850MHz 900MHz 1800MHz 1900MHz / CDMA 450MHz 800MHz 1900MHz(Optional)
02) Standard PSTN FXS with RJ-11 to telephone or voip gateway & PABX
03) 400-500Hz Dial-tone and Busy-tone , Disconnect Tone
04) 50V in idle and 75V in ringing and 9-12V in talking
05) DTMF detector in RJ-11
06) Provide reverse polarity
07) Caller ID (DTMF,after ONE Ring) to telephone or voip gateway or PABX
Caller ID (FSK) to telephone or voip gateway & PABX(Optional)
08) One Number Unified(Optional)
09) CLIR(Calling Line Identification Restriction)
10) Separate Power On/Off controller
11) LED indicating Hook On/Off,Talking,Signal Intensity,Power On/Off
12) Setable dialing delay time
13) Setable automatic dialing(Optional)
14) Support to dial all number including of * # (Optional)
15) DTMF Automaticly dialing to GSM , to voip gateway , PABX(Optional)

If you want to know more information, please contact us or sent email to us.

Tel: +8613428718801