Special Rates Available

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Special Rates Available

Posted:Thu 28 of Oct, 2010 (09:18 UTC)
Dear Friend,

Effective immediately, EZ Call is offering the following special rates:

Code Destination Rate

2010 EGYPT CELL 0.08
2011 EGYPT CELL 0.08
2012 EGYPT CELL 0.08
2014 EGYPT CELL 0.08
2016 EGYPT CELL 0.08
2017 EGYPT CELL 0.08
2018 EGYPT CELL 0.08
2019 EGYPT CELL 0.08

If you are an existing EZ Call customer, you can start sending traffic immediately using the Special Rates Prefix. If you are not yet a customer, or an existing customer with no Special Rates prefix assignment, please contact support@ezcallinc.com to get more information.

Our Special routes consist of lower rates that may be available for a short time only. These routes use our Special rate table and are billed using 1/1 intervals, except for USA (billed at 6/6 intervals) and Mexico (billed at 60/60 intervals). Special routes are avaialable on a best efforts basis. In the event that a Special route is withdrawn (due to unavailability from the underlying carrier), calls using the special rate prefix will be rejected with the appropriate error code to allow forward routing.

In operation since 2004, EZ Call, Inc. is a New Jersey-based provider of telecom switching services. We have been in the VoIP business since 1997 providing hosted and white-label intternational calling solutions for brands and enterprises worldwide.

Jason Fanning